Marievelia Berger

Marievelia Berger is our Avant Ministry (formerly Camino Global) missionary working as counselor at radio station TGNA in Guatemala City. Radio TGNA has been serving the people and the churches of Guatemala since it first began Transmitting Good News Abroad on August 6, 1950. TGNA broadcasts a mix of sacred music, solid Bible teaching, church news, and promotion of upcoming events designated to orient and edify believers while attracting nonbelievers with spiritual hunger. Educational segments serve the general population and open doors to evangelism. TGNA reaches from southern Mexico into Central America and Belize. The radio ministry is complemented by Bible correspondence courses, concerts, visits to Churches and other direct contact with listeners. Several hundred people visit TGNA’s main studios each week to leave an offering or greeting, meet the staff, seek counseling or just see the facilities. The 730 Club is an association of people who have pledged to pray regularly and give monthly towards the station’s operational expenses.


Marievelia Berger

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