Church at Home

This Week's Services and Content: ​​​​​Adults:
May 31st - Click here for this week's full service - Pastor Mike and our worship team lead us in worship followed by a message from Pastor Josh as we continue our new series through James.

Middle School & High School Students:
Weekend content is on our youtube channel click here (posted on Sundays)
Midweek content is through Instagram at click here

​​​​Kids: Here's the link this week's content.
There's separate presentations for Preschool, Elementary (Kindergarden-3rd Grade), and Preteen (4th-5th Grade).

Other Kids' Resources: Check out these awesome resources for kids of all ages.
- Our Preschool & Nursery Facebook Page.


Other resources for you:
  • Church at Home Guide (click here) - This is our main guide to help you have a great "church at home" experience this weekend with lots of ideas and tips to help you out.
  • Worship at Home: Pastor Mike put together this resource and devotional to help you have a meaningful time of worship.
  • Prayer Guide: Looking for some ways you can pray during this time? Use this guide to help you.
  • Prayer Video: Dr Jason Hubbard shares some thoughts about how to use the Lord's Prayer as a guide during this time.