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This Week's Services and Content:

August 2nd - Click here for this week's full service - Worship from our worship team and a message from Pastor Josh on patience.

Middle School & High School Students:
Weekend content is on our youtube channel click here (posted on Sundays)
Midweek content is through Instagram at click here

​​​​KIDS (Preschool - 5th grade):  Here's the link to this week's content.
NEW PAGE: There are separate presentations for Preschool, Elementary (K-3rd Grade), and Preteen (4th-5th Grade). Scroll down and click the appropriate link. Also, don't miss out on the Activity Guides that go along with each video with new guides each week!

Other Kids' Resources: Check out these awesome resources for kids of all ages.
- Our Preschool & Nursery Facebook Page.