KidsQuest & Breakout

KidsQuest/Breakout: KidsQuest & Breakout follow our LifeGroup model for creating biblical community. Kids are led and encouraged to Love, Serve, Worship, Pray, and Learn together, in small group settings. Each group is led by leaders who commit to the spiritual growth of your child.

Wed nights include high-energy games, worship, small group Bible study, & occasional guest speakers. Cost is $45 per child.

KidsQuest: for ages Pre-K through 1st grade...
Breakout: for 2nd through 5th graders...

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  • Kid'sQuest and Breakout had a very successful season! Stay tuned for registrations for September!

What is Breakout and KidsQuest? Through high energy games, small group oriented curriculum, music, and special events, KidsQuest/Breakout teach kids the importance of being a team member, reaching out to their friends, and learning God's Word. We have an amazing group of dedicated leaders who weekly connect with kids and help them discover the truths of the Bible.
KidsQuest: Ages Pre-K - 1st grade
Breakout: Ages 2nd - 5th grade

Children's Pastor:  Steve Mason

For information about Northlake's Childrens program, email Steve Mason, or call him at 360.671.9500.