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Application Process:

Worship and praise music is concerned with three important areas; Heart, Character, and Musical ability. As leaders in the area of worship and because of the demands of the ministry, it is critical that we determine each member's ability to succeed in their desired role. The purpose of this process is to help us get to know each other and insure a good fit in this ministry. If at any point either party feels this isn't a good fit, we'll do all we can to help you find another spot within Northlake for you to serve in your God-given areas of gifting.

The process is not always "step-by-step" in this order - however, these are the areas we walk through together.
  1. Application: We ask all prospective applicants to fill out a Worship Team Application.
  2. Interview & Audition with Pastor Mike: The purpose of the interview is for me to get to know you and your heart, and you to get to know me as well. Topics of conversation can include your application, your testimony, your 'call' to the ministry, your hopes/expectations, your availability, etc. We will also include a musical audition of sorts for vocalists and instrumentalists.
  3. Working audition: Attend a few rehearsals, get a chance to sing/play with the group, continued time of 'getting to know each other.'
  4. Invitation to join: After working through steps 1-3, if both parties would like to move forward, an invitation to join the ministry will be issued. The commitment is generally for at least 1 year.

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